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Divorce can be emotional and stressful, and the choices you make during this time may affect the outcome of your settlement or contested court case. We specialize in property division, fair asset division, and negotiating. It can be difficult to concede anything to your spouse, especially if abuse or infidelity is a factor, an attorney can point out your options, helping you carefully negotiate division of assets, child custody and visitation. Let us do the negotiating and fight for you.


Having to fight for the right to see your child, or the right to protect your child can be daunting. Parents can rely on the experience of our Attorneys in obtaining child custody and support judgments. We fight hard to make the system work for our clients. We understand that it is often in the best interests of the child for the parents to come to an amicable agreement regarding custody or visitation, but we also understand that parenting situations are not always black and white. We will guide you through this tough process with open communication, creative and strategic planning and with the best interest of your child at the center of it all. Call us today for a free 30 minute consultation.


In some circumstances, it is necessary for a family to use legal remedies that dictate who is responsible for caring for a child. Adoptions and guardianships are each employed differently to resolve these issues.
-Adoption is ideal for situations where a biological parent's rights can and should be permanently terminated, and the legal relationship for the adoptive parent(s) is the same as it would be for a birth family. An adopted child is able to inherit benefits from his or her adoptive parents in the same way he or she would from biological parents. This kind of relationship is not subject to supervision from the California court system.
-A guardianship is used in situations where a child's biological parents retain parental rights and have contact with the child. Guardianships allow another individual (i.e., a grandparent, extended family member or someone else) the ability to legally care for a child when his or her biological parents are not able to. Guardianships are supervised by the court and can be terminated if and when a child's biological parents can suitably care for the child again.
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Our Attorneys have extensive court and trial experience. We handle all aspects of divorce:  child custody and visitation, child support, spousal support, community property division, complex financial issues and extensive property separation issues, domestic violence, restraining orders, and contempts.  

We specialize in working with complex family matters as well as straightforward family law cases.


Family law issues influence every member of a family, from husband and wife, mother and father, to grandparents and children. In every situation, the welfare of the children involved is the top priority and we strive to keep that at the core of our litigation.


Our Attorneys excel in all areas of family law. We cover everything from pre-nups to bankruptcy, paternity, custody, adoption and everything in between. Call us today to find out how we can assist and represent you in your Family Law matters.